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The Clown Cloud / Character


Is everyone a clown? Or do we need to learn “to be” a clown? Clown incorporates many disciplines, skills, and ways of being – moving funny, falling and other slapstick, chasing, funny sounds, surprising rhythms, visual poetry, magic, and circus skills.

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At the circus, the clown is in many ways the audience’s representative. The spectators may admire the circus performer’s great skill, but they’re also a little jealous, a little intimidated. The clown who imitates the skilled act without really being able to do it is very reassuring to the audience. The clowns are just like us! They can’t do it either! A clown who imitates a skilled act by transposing it to everyday objects, also brings it to our level, back down on the ground.

Circus skills can give the show a kind of legitimacy, making the audience realize that these are professionals who have come from a long distance to share their skills with them. But also think of one or more of the clowns as mediating that experience. It’s great for laughs and great for connecting with the audience.








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