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Antonin Caussèque

Designer, cartoonist | He made the drawings of the Clown Cloud home page.

Fratellini academy

Circus arts and training centre | Website

Alexandre Pierrin

French transmedia specialist | His website

Art Cena

Art Cena (Centre national des arts du cirque, de la rue et du theatre) is a digital resource centre supporting the promotion of circus-arts | Website

John Towsen

American author, who is updating his book, Clowns from 1975. It is a pictorial and textual account of the evolution of clowning showing that clowns, usually identified with the circus, have played important roles in other forms of entertainment such as theatre, folk dances, rituals, and rodeos. He is currently working on a volume 2 with a web site containing videos that would tie into the book, chapter by chapter.

His blog

CWB Chapters

Clowns Without Borders USA

Website | Facebook | Projects |

Clowns Without Borders UK


Clowns Without Borders Switzerland

Clowner utan Gränser (Sweden)

Payasos Sin Fronteras – Pallassos Sense Fronteres (Spain)

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Clowns Without Borders South Africa

Clowns Without Borders Ireland

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Clowns ohne Grenzen Deutschland

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Clowns Sans Frontières France

Klovnit Ilman Rajoja – Clowns without borders Finland

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